North Vancouver 14km run

June 17th, 2015

north vancouver running

Norvan Falls is the perfect run with surprise view points and a beautiful waterfall. This is one of my favorite runs in North Vancouver! Norvan offers a great variety for every runner – fast flat gravel road, steep rock chutes and some technical spots. I suggest taking a friend as there’s no cell reception and not many people on the trail.

Getting Started

From the parking lot, walk across the Lynn Creek Bridge to the map on the other side and sign in on the registration board. Head to your left and continue walking along the creek as it hugs the river and continues through groves of second growth Cedar. This area was logged in the early 1900’s and many remnants from those days still remain along the trail, including an old logging cart where trees are growing out from, old rusty saw blades, and other tools.

The first 1.7km is along a wide gravel road which is part of the lower Lynn Loop Trail. As you continue past a junction, the trail becomes narrower and you pass over several small streams, pools of mud, and around small groves of trees.

After the first 4km, the trail opens up into a clearing known as a debris chute. Walk to the left towards the river and take in the views and the rushing water continuously flowing over the rocks as Goat Mountain towers overhead. From this point, head up the rocky debris towards the sign post. Turn left and continue your hike by entering the forest along the Headwaters Trail.

Reaching the Top

The sound of rushing water will signal that you are getting closer to Norvan Creek. As the creek becomes visible, a rugged steel suspension bridge crosses the creek to your left. Instead, go right and walk along a trail that follows the creek uphill. After a few hundred meters, Norvan Falls becomes visible from the trees as the water drops into the creek below. Backtrack a few steps and find the path that takes you down to the rocky edge of the creek where you can get the best view and find a place to stop for lunch.

Getting Home

After taking in the falls, descend back down towards the trail and head left back along the route you came from. When you reach the debris chute, if you are running out of time or just want to finish your hike, you can go right and down over the rocks and follow the trail that you took originally alongside the river. If you have a bit of extra time and want to continue through the beautiful forest, go left and continue along the Headwaters Trail. The trail weaves its way through the forest for about 2km before reaching a viewpoint on the right of Mount Fromme. Continue a short distance past the viewpoint to a junction and turn right, following the trail downhill and eventually back to the Lynn Loop Trail alongside the river where you passed through earlier in the day.



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