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What My Clients Say:

Tera’s passion for fitness is genuine and unique. She is there to provide 110% assistance whether it’s weight loss goals, eating healthy, endurance/race goals, body building, or overall feeling healthy, Tera is knowledgeable and passionate. She goes out of her way to make her training sessions personal to your specific needs. Each session has challenged me physically with new exercises. Tera teaches proper technique and advises on ways to improve. I am so happy to continue working with Tera and would recommend her services to anyone. Why? The results are amazing. My body looks and feels better. My running has improved immensely and injuries have been kept at bay since working with Tera. Most of all, my energy level has increased! Thank you Tera…looking forward to our next session!

I have been training with Tera for 2.5 years. I live downtown & could easily choose to engage any number of competent fitness trainers. But I CHOOSE to drive and deal with bridges and the commute to get to North Van to train with Tera. Seriously the most lovely, fun, genuine, caring, committed, non-judgmental, punctual, prepared and knowledgeable trainer around. And trust me. I’m not easy to impress! She has helped turn me from soft and round to fit and disciplined with her friendly but firm approach. Thanks so much, Tera!

Since hiring Tera as my trainer my experience has been nothing but positive. Tera is motivating and never gives up on her clients, even if they show up with confessions of a McDonald’s moment the night before. I have seen results. My arms are toned. My abs are closer to steel than ever before. Seriously, friends comment on how fit I am looking and I thank Tera for that. Full service. The complete package. Thanks Tera


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