What is your Fitness level?

We are going to do some testing now, and each month you are going to repeat it to see how you are progressing. You could do push-ups or sit-ups because those are simple. You could test your strength and endurance by either seeing how many you can do in a row, or you could time yourself for 1 minute and see how many you can do in that time.
If you really want to try something that is really challenging, we would suggest the burpie. It is very aerobic and  combines a lot of functional movements with core muscle groups through-out your whole body. If you haven’t heard of a burpie, this is what it is:  You start by jumping up in the air with your arms stretched out to the sky, then you drop down so that your hands are touching the floor on either side of your feet, you jump out into push up position, do a push up, jump your feet back between your hands, and then jump back up to the sky and that is one! Super hard, but if you can do three in a row today and next month you do 6, you have just doubled your performance.

Eat every 2.5-3 hours

You still must be conscious of your overall calories during the day, but you simply divide out your calories over the entire day. First, you are doing this to fire up your metabolism. You want to keep that fire burning all day by always feeding fuel to it. You don’t want to have one or two big bonfires per day, and the rest of the day is cold ashes. and secondly, the more often you eat, the less hungry you will be. If you eat every 2.5-3 hours, if you get hungry, you won’t be hungry for long and you won’t eat the first thing you see. It is very possible to lose weight without ever being hungry if you only moderately reduce you calories and eat often throughout the day.


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