Yes, you will lose weight, Yes, you will be toned, Yes, you will have increased energy and confidence.

Our Private personal training studio in North Vancouver gives you the support for a thinner, fitter, healthier you. In our private fitness training studio, Tera will create with you manageable steps for making your personal training experience with Fitness Defined one that will last you a lifetime. Your personal fitness goals will be reached by finding your ceiling and pushing a little beyond! Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase your endurance, it’s important to tailor your private personal training session to fit YOUR goals.



"I had always wanted a personal trainer, but was too intimidated to pursue it. The thought of working out at a public gym...no thank you, way too many people around. I feel so lucky to have found a private personal training studio with Fitness Defined. Being able to train in a private training studio is unbelievable. The fitness studio has a refreshing, calm atmosphere and is totally set up for any kind of workout you want. Tera is outgoing, motivating, and incredibly knowledgeable. The whole personal training experience has more than exceeded my expectations. You gotta try it out!"
-Kia P

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Tera is the owner of a premiere Private Personal Training Studio in North Vancouver. You will reach your goals through manageable steps that lead to lifestyle changes.

"Personal FitnessTraining has been a 20 year passion for me. The feeling after a challenging workout stays with me for the day. I have more energy, a positive mind set and an overall sense of well-being. I find my kids have a hard time keeping up with me! My husband, two children and I share a passion for hiking, biking and skiing on the North Shore. I want to help others find their motivation for a healthy lifestyle so they can keep fitness as part of their lifestyle, making it easy to have a thinner, fitter, healthier life."

Yes, you will lose weight, Yes you will be toned, Yes, you will have more energy and more confidence!

Please call so we can make it happen. Call my private personal training studio in North Vancouver. 778-227-2129

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