Passionate About Helping You Get a Fitter and Stronger Body

At Fitness Defined, we want you to succeed and achieve your fitness goals even more than you do. Over time, you will take over that enthusiasm yourself through our private personal training sessions.

Fitness Defined

The Perfect Coach To Guide You

With the assistance of Tera Liley, a Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition (PN1) Coach, you will reach your fitness goals through manageable steps. As your coach, Liley will empathize with you and help you find the motivation to be consistent in maintaining an active lifestyle.

Fitness Defined

Fitness Plans Tailor-Made for You

We believe that you deserve the best private personal training experience possible. We will work together to continually search for the perfect workout plan to suit your preferences and abilities. You might experience physical discomfort at first during our workout sessions, but that will turn into a sense of accomplishment and pride with perseverance and dedication.

Workouts and Drills That Target Your Needs

Our training sessions are held either one-on-one or semi-private. This gives us the opportunity to focus on our clients individually. As part of our commitment to helping you develop good habits, we will regularly share information with you during training. Aside from this, we will give you realistic and attainable challenges that will ultimately help you in the long run.

Our Trainer’s Certifications

Tera Liley is passionate about learning, which helps to keep her business evolving. 

  • Certified Personal trainer
  • PN1 Precision Nutrition Coach
  • OTC Certified online trainer
  • FMS (Functional Movement Systems) Certified

She has also attended numerous workshops to serve her clients better. Some of the programs involve Stability Balls, Total Body Resistance (TRX), and Athletic Conditioning.

Fitness Defined

Reach Out to Us Today

Are you looking for a coach to lean on? Are you a recreational athlete looking for the athletic edge or you want to ignite the flame of the athlete within? We’re here to get you fit, have fun and feel fantastic!

We would love to share our passion and inspiration with you. Contact us today to set a schedule for an introductory session at our studio in North Vancouver.